The winners of the prize game are known

Bled, 12. 6. 2017
The Winners of the prize game are:

  • 2x overnight with breakfast for 2 persons in Hotel Park: Zenti Roberto
  • 2x overnight with breakfast for 2 persons in Hotel Kompas Bled: Fiona Carmichael 
  • 2x overnight with breakfast for 2 persons in Pension Mayer: Marijke Sil 
  • 1x overnight with half board for 2 persons in Hotel Ribno Bled: Danijel Ilić 
  • 1x entrance to Sauna Park in Hotel Astoria for 2 persons: Irhann Garrido 
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Marco Molinaro 
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Nevenka Glasenčnik 
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Maria Krasikova
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Lidija Balantič 
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Jože Janša
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Cristiana Rumiz 
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Unku 
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Jánosics Baráti Brigitta
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Marta Pieri 
  • 1x Bled Castle entrance: Joyce Teo
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Monica Santanafessa
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Valeria Car 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Ania Rogowicz-Pierzchała
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Chris Busky
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Matija Jeras 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Mauro Zaffaroni
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Bicsák László 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Vesna Simoncic
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Carola Sabic
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Jasmina Klancnik 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Daniel Riß
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Juli Michele 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Bill Kibler
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Shannon Codd-Steiner 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Natalija Ostojic 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Angelika Komposch  
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Tal Jacobi 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Ali Dadgarmehr 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Peng Yunqiang 
  • 1x Bled Cream Cake coupon: Paul Hayward
Special thanks to prize sponsors: Sava Hotels Bled, Kompas Hotels Bled, Pension Mayer, Sportina turizem, Hotel Astoria and Bled Castle.

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