Winter in Pokljuka

28. 12. 2017

In the middle of the Triglav National Park’s unspoiled nature is Pokljuka, one of the most famous Slovenian plateaus where world famous competitions in biathlon are held. Slovenia’s highest-lying plateau stretches a full 20km in length and almost the same in width, and has shown itself to be a master of change, displaying a completely different face in winter than the one presented to us in the summer months.

In spring, summer and autumn Pokljuka is perfect for running and hiking, and in winter time it is perfect for winter skiing, ski running, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, Nordic walking, Geo-coaching, guided tours or just simple sledding in the middle of Pokljuka’s snowy forests, which are all just a step away from the centre of Bled. Pokljuka is also the main Slovenian cross-country skiing centre and the host of the yearly Biathlon World Cup, with the Triglav Pokljuka Sports Centre accessible by car and the perfect base for all various winter activities. Surrounded by its high mountains it is an idyllic spot and entices you to get involved in some winter fun.

There was once a time that Pokljuka had a ‘winter rest’, in the days when the shepherds went back to the valley with their cows, meaning even their charcoal burners also had a well-deserved vacation. Nowadays, however, Pokljuka is more visited in the winter than in the summer months, with skiers, biathletes, cross-country skiers, snowshoeing and other winter sports enthusiasts dominating the landscape of the plateau.

In the summer it is the hikers who occupy Pokljuka, although given there is an old brown bear migration route through the Pokljuka forest we would advise hikers to be a little extra careful when passing the forested areas. On some of the quieter pastures you can find livestock merrily grazing and gazing, and you can buy sour milk, cottage cheese and cheese from the shepherds.

Pokljuka is a popular winter base for touring skiers, with Viševnik is probably one of the most visited ski touring areas. At 1,200m above sea level Pokljuka’s snow generally holds throughout the winter, so in winter time this amazing landscape offers plenty to all sports enthusiasts out there and becomes the destination of some great events and a safe bet for eager skiers.

Just one final piece of advice: on your way to Pokljuka don’t forget to check out the Vintgar gorge, the first touristic gorge in Slovenia and a spot where you can experience the fully intact nature of Bled.

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