Incentive ideas at Bled

13. 12. 2017

Did you know that Bled is also the perfect incentive destination? Look through the selected four incentive ideas and think no more. Let's meet at Bled!

Biathlon Shooting


Edutainment: The biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, is a great way to test how participants handle pressure and stress. After a round of freestyle cross-country skiing, the shooting takes place under professional supervision, with a low caliber sports rifle on a specially prepared biathlon shooting range. In winter months the biathlon shooting takes place on skis and in spring, summer or autumn on mountain bikes or rollerblades.

Charm factor: An adrenaline filled experience that tests endurance and stress management
Company name: intours DMC, Slovenia & Croatia
Contact person:
Location: Pokljuka plateau, Slovenia
Company website: 
Best time of the year: All year round
Number of participants: Up to 60
Duration in hours: 2 – 3 hours
Intours DMC
Breg 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Phone: +386 1 430 35 50
Mobile: +386 20 416 140

Bled Castle and All Its Experiences


Edutainment: Discover Bled Castle with a knight’s reception followed by a visit to the castle museum and forge, where you can make your own souvenir coin on an anvil. Continue with a demonstration of printing on a reconstructed Gutenberg printing press and print your own certificate. And before you sit down for a meal with a view, stop at the castle wine cellar for some wine tasting and a traditional wine bottling experience.

Charm factor: Travel back in time and see, feel, smell, hear and taste the history
Company name: Bled Castle (Blejski grad)
Contact person:
Location: Bled, Slovenia
Company website:
Best time of the year: All year round
Number of participants: Up to 20
Duration in hours: Depends upon the programme
Bled Culture Institute, Bled Castle
Cesta svobode 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia 
Phone: +386 4 572 97 82

Rowing with Olympians on Lake Bled


Edutainment: Accompanied by Slovenian rowing Olympians, participants will learn the basic rowing skills in professional racing boats. An eight-person crew demonstrates the balance between individual strength and team performance. The experience will allow your team to feel the physical, mental and emotional aspects of working together – and also how to move a boat efficiently and with speed.

Charm factor: Strengthen your team spirit and experience through an Olympic sport with Olympians 
Company Name: Janez Klemenčič insync s.p.
Contact person:
Location: Bled, Slovenia
Company website:
Best time of the year: Spring to Autumn
Number of participants: 7 – 50 participants
Duration in hours: 2.5 hours
Trubarjeva cesta 11A, 4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 574 30 27
Mobile 1: +386 31 381 406
Mobile 2: +386 41 670 501

Chef's Table


Edutainment: A 3-hour event, the Chef’s Table is an ultimate culinary experience encouraging a team to head into the kitchen with their colleagues, partake in an interactive cooking demonstration filled with fun cooking tips and tricks, and afterward bond over a seated meal.

Charm factor: Culinary experience and a sneak peek at a 5-star kitchen
Company name: Sava Hotels Bled
Contact person: 
Location: Bled, Slovenia
Best time of the year: All year round
Number of participants: 6 – 8 participants
Duration in hours: 3 - 4 hours
Sava Hotels Bled
Cankarjeva 6, 4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 579 16 40

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