About Slovenia

Legend has it that when he created the world, God had a little bit of everything special left over. Not sure what to do with it, he took his bag and emptied it all over a small plot of land in central Europe that much later became known as Slovenia.

This pocket-sized country in the heart of Europe truly is amazingly diverse. A short drive will take visitors from the high peaks, gushing rivers, crystal-clear lakes and verdant valleys of Slovenia’s Alps to the laid-back villages on the sunny Mediterranean coast. In between, the dazzling underworld, disappearing lakes and majestic Lipizzaner horses of the Karst await exploration, and winegrowing regions beckon guests to linger. In the very heart of the country lies its culture-loving capital Ljubljana, a city of beautiful architecture and a relaxed flair. The eastern part of Slovenia, in turn, is characterised by thermal springs, ancient castles and monasteries, historic towns and a rural lifestyle.

This mosaic of landscapes enables visitors to enjoy the great green outdoors and urges you outside for action-packed adventures in the fresh air. Slovenia’s location at the crossroads of Europe has provided it with a rich history and culture, which local residents are proud to reveal. To top an unforgettable stay in Slovenia, there is excellent cuisine ranging from home-made local fare to contemporary gourmet dishes prepared by the best Slovene chefs, while best of all are Slovenia’s open and friendly people, who will do their utmost to make you feel genuinely welcome.

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