21st Rikli's Walk

Meeting point: in front of Hotel Rikli Balance, 7. 7. 2019, 7:00
Bled for active visitors

Arnold Rikli invites you back to nature, to cure your body and soul with his healing methods!

The beginnings of intensive tourism date from 1855 when the Swiss doctor Arnold Rikli was among the first to recognise the value and advantages of Bled’s climate and location. He founded a Natural Health Institute and introduced his own healing methods based on the effects of light, air and water on the human body. His healing methods are still relevant today.

The natural attractions and mild climate of Bled have provided and still provide ideal conditions for Rikli’s air, water and sun light baths.

Join us for a walk along Rikli’s pathways on the first Sunday in July; meeting point – Hotel Rikli Balance at 7.00.
See you in Bled!


The program of Rikli's Walk:

7 am                       Gathering in front of Hotel Rikli Balance and follow the Rikli’s paths to the

                               top of Straža.

                               AIR AND SUN BATHS - EXERCISES.

9 – 10 am               BREAKFAST on the top of Straža hill.

10 am                     Departure from Straža to the lake and walk by the shore to Zaka.

                               AIR, SUN AND WATER BATHS.

                               Ascent on Osojnica hill and descend back to Zaka.

12 – 1 pm               LUNCH on the meadow by the lake (Zaka).

                               SUN, AIR AND WATER BATHS.

2 pm                       Setting off for Bled hotels and homes.

... and there’s something else:
To his patients, Arnold Rikli strongly recommended light-coloured, airy clothes, straw hats, bare feet and a lot of positive energy.

Participation is free of charge!

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