22nd Festival Bled 2017

Bled, 3. - 14. 7. 2017
Real melody for your ears.

3.7. at 18.30, Festival Hall: Festival Bled Opening with painting exhibition by Alfred Scheikl and live music by Cello Attacca!       
       at 20.30, St. Martin Church: St. Peter's Chamber Orchestra from UK
4.7. at 20.30, St. Martin Church: Oakland Chorale, from USA
5.7. at 20.30, Bled Castle, Knight's Hall: Caprice Viennois
6.7. at 20.30, St. Martin Church: Cello Attacca! in love with Marko Hatlak
7.7. at 20.30, Festival Hall: Khoroshki, from Belarus
8.7. at 20.30, Festival Hall: Henley Symphony Orchestra from UK
9.7. at 20.30, Grand Hotel Toplice: The last Rose of Summer 
10.7. at 20.30, Grand Hotel Toplice: Rondo des Lutins
11.7. at 20.30, Grand Hotel Toplice: Just Violin
12.7. at 20.30, St. Martin Church: Magic Violin (Sandor Javorkai with Paganini)
13.7. at 20.30, Bled Castle upper terrace: Jazz from Brentwood, UK (cancelled in case of bad weather)
14.7. at 20.30, Festival Hall Bled: Wladigeroff brothers with band
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